congratulations on the blog job.what the brothers need now onwards! the most relative to the future as I am, I work. Hopefully this Blog vacancy can match the career brother

Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Jobs latest

With the growing world economy many people find good jobs in the nation and foreign. I take this with a special blog for the brothers want to find relatives who work in local and foreign. blog this special brother brother find a good job in foreign. bloog job in this very new and truly create a special friend for friends who need jobs that match the needs propesi relatives.
brother chose to stay the work of the various companies that are here hopefully useful for the future of the family and relatives. jobs in the latest right here. brother came in my blogg if this match does not go the way relatives can find in the way that you can match to.
Brother sister can see yourself from a lot of WEB - WEB, which provides many jobs. on the Web tersbut provide what can be diprlukan with young once. but "the Web is the web that there are many many jobs that provide a new and the old there's a lot of people need work, you come to it difficult to find a job and need to get a new shipment duhlu job. This makes Email us every day with full email email job which does not match with brother brother.
Here I provide a variety of jobs on the left side can see your own brother a job that matches the relative position of workers ॥ I provide include: 1।job Work Bank.2. Design work WEB.3 job. working in the Foreign and Negri. And I hope more of your choice for the work here is hopefully useful for you who need a brother for the job of the future. I forgot again apabilah here does not provide the jobs that match the talent brother sister can visit the other places that provide work that can match with the brother and sister here when the job does not provide the appropriate relative to the talent I apologize. Congratulations to enjoy the world latest vacancy in here ..
Brother little brother I have only the letter of application, letter of application I created this course as an example what if the brother who has not know how to create a mail job, I hope this useful and relatives can also edit or add a few words which you hatur said in a letter of application. Hopefully the letter of application under this useful for you.

Sample Job Application Letter XIX

Maluku (tgl / bln / yr)


Bpk / Ibu Leader Company PT Mollucas
Jl. Saparua no ..
telephone ...

Subject: Employment Applications


Based on the information in accordance with the job ad in the daily Kompas on ... December 2009, I hereby submit themselves to the position ...

I have graduated from high school ..., Maluku in the year ..., and is currently completing the last semester of college night (Extension Program) program Diploma 3-way ... at the University of ... Jakarta. I have own vehicle, have SIM C, and can speak English with good oral and written.

Consideration, in my letter of application is attached:

1. 1 copy of the certificate last
2. 1 copy of the certificate course in English education level
3. 1 sheet of 4x6 color photo

We hope that the father can / can give a mother the interview, so I can show you the potential of myself in more detail.


(name adna)

brother brother there are so many examples of applications on the internet that I make this only as an example only. You can see with the keywords on google and only google will give an example of a suitable job in the heart brother. I hope to achieve success in the application performance relative to contract employees and permanent employees in the company of brothers and search here on the site other sites on the Internet

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